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ION 3701 North


Portable digital magnetometer, remaining magnetization meter ION 3701 North is applied in wide range of industries and tasks where magnetic field measurement and remaining magnetization measurement is needed, especially in bad temperature conditions, temperatures below zero up to -40 Celsius, Northern regions, etc. Equipped with three-dimensional magnetic sensor and has outstanding measurement accuracy as well as wide range of functions.

ION 3701 North is applied in the same areas as ION 3701:

  • Aerospace industry and aviation repair;
  • Nuclear energy industry;
  • Oil and gas industries;
  • Machinery and manufacturing;
  • Shipbuilding and repair;
  • Railroad industry;
  • And other appliances.


ION 3701 application examples:

  • parts testing after demagnetization;
  • testing of parts magnetized during magentic particle inspection;
  • parts testing during grinding process;
  • in oil and gas industry - determination of magnetization of drilling tools, determination of magnetization of the main trunk pipelines, and pump and compressor tubes;
  • parts testing after magnet loading;
  • determination of magnetization of the electricity, water, gas meters, including purposes of fraud prevention;
  • determination of magnetization of the weights used as standards; 
  • determination of magnetization of clock parts and mechanics parts;
  • at the mills to detect the precense of magnetic impurities;
  • as well as many another applications.

ion 3701 3ax

Device kit consists of device case and sensor with cable.

 Main advantages:

  • Designed especially for remaining magnetization measurement;
  • Provides convenience of measuring during manufacturing process in the workshop;
  • Sensor with two 3-dimensional measuring elements provides high measurement accuracy;
  • Automatic zero-point adjustment;
  • Automatic Earth magnetic field compensation;
  • Automatic calculation and displaying of magnetic field maximum;
  • Powered by batteries, USB-port, mobile phone or power bank;
  • Computer connection interface for data interchange and setup.

ION 3701 is registered in Russian Registry of Measurement Devices as certified measurement tool.

All devices are tested after manufacturing to comply tech specs.

Two years warranty.

Technical specifications
Measurement units  mT, uT, Gs, Oe, A/cm, kA/m, A/m
Measurement range  0-50 mT (500 Gs; 500 Oe; 398 A/cm; 39,8 kA/m) 
Measurement accuracy (Н – measured volume in mT)  ±(3% H +0,02) mT 
Display modes 

Current magnetic field volume, Magnetic field by 3 axises, Measured maximum volume 

Measurement rate  3 measurements per second 
Display type  Graphical with backlight 
PC connectivity interface  USB 

Opearating temperatures range North edition 

from -40 °С to +45 °С 

Power  АА batteries 1,5 V 2 pcs. or USB 

Average power consumption: 

- without display backlight,

 - 50% power of display backlight 


80 mWt,

20 mWt 

 Approximate operation time on batteries: 

- without display backlight, 

- 50% power of display backlight 


300 hrs,

80 hrs 
 Device dimensions   113 х 75 х 27 mm
 Standard sensor dimensions  diameter 8 mm, lenght 160 mm
 Flat sensor dimensions 

Width 5,8 mm, thickness 2 mm,

lenght 160 mm
 Sensor cable lenght  0,75 m
 Weight  170 g 


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