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Time intervals meter

Out of production. Replacement: IVPR 203m


IVPR 203m - is a time intervals meter. Provides all measurement types to measure actuation of all contact and relay types, not powered as well as powered by AC or DC current with voltage from 3 V to 350 V for DC and from 2 V to 240 V for AC 50 Hz, and time of release of relays, both NC and NO, travel time of contacts in a group, slip time (closed state of contacts in a group when switching). USB port to export results to PC.


  • time of closing and opening of free contacts;
  • pulse width measurement;
  • measuring the duration of the interval between impulses;
  • measuring the travel time of relay contacts;
  • automatic calculation of average result in serie from 1 to 100 measurements;
  • displays maximum, minimum and average measurement results which allows to detect ustable relays;
  • contacts chatter supperssion function;
  • nonvolatile memory for 100 measurements;
  • measurement results export to computer via USB.

Device is applied: at power plants and electrical substations, to check commutation equipment and switches, in electrical and other laboratories, in relay protection and relay automation appliances to check relays, at railroad and electrical transportation facilities, as time meter in technology/manufacturing processes, meter of testing time, meter of switching to backup power supply. 

Also could be used as manual time meter to measure the time interval with pushing the button to start and stop the timer. 

IVPR 203m is registered in Russian Registry of Measurement Devices as certified measurement tool.

All devices are checked by quality control to meet the technical specifications. 

Two years warranty.

Device is widely used in a range of industries such as laboratories, railroad and electric transportation, aerospace industry, nuclear industry and power plants.

Technical specifications
Питание =5V from USB
Measurement range from 0.2 millisecond to 999,999 seconds
Basic error of measured values:  
on direct current ±(0,0001·T +0,1 ms), where Т is measured value
on active current ±(0,0001·T +1 ms +0,5 AC period)
Dimensions 140х110х35 mm
Weight 0,3 kg
Opearating temperatures range from +5 to +35 °С



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